Really? Agree or disagree and I TOTALLY disagree!!! #IJS … They (most teams) are reporting to training camp!!! 😳😳😳😳…. We will see!!! Let’s Go Cowboys!!!!

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Every NFL team has a chance. That’s why they say, “any given Sunday, or Thursday, or Monday, or Saturday, if it’s late in the season.” (We really need a pithier cliché.)

The thing is, every team really doesn’t have a chance. Some teams are obviously terrible. We know they’re terrible. They weren’t very good last season, and nothing meaningful happened to change that. Or maybe they were okay last season, but all the players that made them okay have since moved on. Either way, they’re terrible now. They may still steal a few wins along the way. But come December, they’ll be playing for pride and draft picks.

Here are five NFL teams that are basically already out of contention for the 2014 season.

1. Buffalo Bills

Ah, Buffalo. You almost have to feel bad for them. The team hasn’t made the playoffs this century, yet the fans want…

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