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Check out this commercial ….

SEC Network Commercial

First, I love the commercials. I love the way the SEC captured the essence of the heritage and traditions of the various schools, regardless of their entrance dates into the conference. This has to be the best one but the individual school commercials are brilliant.

The SEC encounters a lot of praise but they also take a lot of hate. SEC, job well done on promoting your network. Everyone wants to view it when it hits the air. I think joining with ESPN was smart. But bringing the hottest talk radio host about the SEC, Paul Finebaum…. absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!

I would love to hear from the SEC fans and haters are welcome to reply as well!!!


NBA Players Union Elects New Executive Director

Awesome! We are continuing to #BREAKTHOSEGLASSCEILINGS …. Congrats to Michele Roberts! What do you think?

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The National Basketball Players Association has elected Michele Roberts as executive director, making her the first woman to lead a North American male sports union.

Roberts received 32 of 36 votes in a process that was completed in the early morning hours of Tuesday. The Washington trial lawyer defeated tech industry CEO Dean Garfield and Dallas Mavericks CEO Terdema Ussery in the final vote.

The vote capped a long and arduous process to replace Billy Hunter, who was ousted in February of 2013.

Her appointment comes at a critical time for the players, who could face another round of collective bargaining talks in 2017 if either the union or the league opts out of the current agreement.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued a statement congratulating Roberts on her appointment.

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Dallas To Review Business Contracts Linked To Price Indictment

So, we all have opinions on this. What’s your thought? A 109-page indictment is huge. That means, they found a lot. But some feel people are out to get Commissioner Price. What’s your thought? This is dealing with someone that is elected to represent you, if you live in his district in Dallas County. These are some serious allegations against him.

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Nearly a dozen businesses were referenced in the John Wiley Price indictment.  The CBS 11 I-Team uncovered the names of at least six of those companies.

Today Dallas city leaders are taking that list and reviewing their own contracts.

At this point – It’s all about the City of Dallas being pro-active.  But Councilman Phillip Kingston is genuinely concerned.

“We have the county, our sister governmental agency, that has allegations that it has some improper relationships with these companies,” Kingston told us today.  “Out of prudence we’ve got to look at that.”

The District 14 representative wants to be reassured Dallas city’s contracts with the businesses named in the Price indictment were done by the books.

“The only thing I’ve asked them to do is identify whether the city has existing contracts with the companies you identified in your report,” Kingston explained.

The I-Team cross-checked…

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UIL Football Title Games At Home Of Cowboys Again

I believe this is a WISE decision …. Along with broadcasting the game live!!!! Way to go UIL!!!! There are some #LHSAA that needs to pay attention!!! #IJS

Didn’t the UIL hit record attendance numbers, in Jerry’s World and on TV??? 😳😳😳….. #IJA

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Texas high school football championship games are returning to the $1.2 billion home of the Dallas Cowboys.

The University Interscholastic League said Tuesday that AT&T Stadium will be the site of all 12 high school title games for the second year in a row. The 80,000-seat venue has been the site for the larger classifications since 2010.

Last season was the first time the six-man championships were played in Arlington, Texas.

The UIL says last year’s Class 5A Division I title game set a Texas high school attendance record with a crowd of 54,347 for Allen’s 63-28 victory against Pearland.

The state’s largest classification is now Class 6A, and six-man is now known as Class 1A.

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5 NFL Teams Already Out Of Contention For 2014 Season

Really? Agree or disagree and I TOTALLY disagree!!! #IJS … They (most teams) are reporting to training camp!!! 😳😳😳😳…. We will see!!! Let’s Go Cowboys!!!!

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Every NFL team has a chance. That’s why they say, “any given Sunday, or Thursday, or Monday, or Saturday, if it’s late in the season.” (We really need a pithier cliché.)

The thing is, every team really doesn’t have a chance. Some teams are obviously terrible. We know they’re terrible. They weren’t very good last season, and nothing meaningful happened to change that. Or maybe they were okay last season, but all the players that made them okay have since moved on. Either way, they’re terrible now. They may still steal a few wins along the way. But come December, they’ll be playing for pride and draft picks.

Here are five NFL teams that are basically already out of contention for the 2014 season.

1. Buffalo Bills

Ah, Buffalo. You almost have to feel bad for them. The team hasn’t made the playoffs this century, yet the fans want…

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First OFFICIAL Post!

Hello and welcome to ‘my world!’ I welcome you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

I will bring you my opinions on subjects that effect me and my life! If it doesn’t affect you, don’t post comments or better yet, don’t read it!!! How about that! 😊

I am a student, majoring in Sports Management at The Grambling State University!!! I absolutely love sports, shopping, social media, my husband and my daughter!

What will I post or ‘reblog’ about? Any and everything and what… I want responses!!! I am also open to suggestions!!! Email me at

That’s my $19.72 worth!!! Until next time …. I’m OUT!!!



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I have done a reblog and giving comments on this article…. One other thing, the title is devoted to Renee James as she gave my title for my 2nd blog… I am going to do an official first blog… but in the meantime…. DIRK IS THE MAN!!!!! I love this loyalty!!!! This is what the Magic Johnson’s, Larry Bird’s, and Isaiah Thomas’ did when they were playing… they weren’t making decisions or combining to become the Big 3.

Check out this article on Dirk and his commitment to Dallas….


Prime Prep Academy, Co-Founded by Deion Sanders, Reportedly Shut Down by State

My first blog and it’s about this…. Hate to see this happen to this school….. BUT, when your top administrator only has a HS diploma …. Can they truly and EFFECTIVELY run this school?

What do YOU think?

— Future Sport Professional

The Daily Singer


Prime Prep Academy, Co-Founded by Deion Sanders, Reportedly Shut Down by State

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